Monoblock swimming pool air handling units DP CF / DP CFHP

The dehumidification process of swimming pools is mainly based on the replacement of humid internal air from the swimming pool hall and replacing it with dry fresh air, regardless of the season. Circulation and air exchange in the swimming pool facilities takes place continuously and it is not recommended to interrupt the operation of the devices, even at night. The lack of appropriate devices may result in huge losses of heat and energy needed to reheat the outside air to high temperatures in the swimming pool hall, e.g. 28°C – 30°C. It is required that this process is supported by appropriate devices which, in addition to strict control of parameters in the swimming pool hall, will ensure an appropriate degree of heat recovery, preferably above 90%.

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Ventilation, dehumidifying and pool heating in one compact unit.

DP CF and DP CF HP monoblock air-conditioning units are intended primarily for air treatment in indoor swimming pool halls. Highly efficient and cheap to operate devices are the result of several years of work by a team of Dan-Poltherm specialists. The modernized series of compact swimming pool units uses the latest technical solutions in the field of ventilation and air conditioning. We managed to create extremely energy-efficient and reliable devices in five sizes, which are dedicated to draining pools with a water surface area from 10 to 100 square meters.

Swimming pool air handling unit DP CF Monoblock – Counterflow exchanger

Dan-Poltherm swimming pool units perform the dehumidifying process, almost without energy losses, thanks to the use of counter-current exchangers and recirculation. The solutions used in our devices guarantee up to 98% efficiency at winter low outside temperatures. This means that we will use minimal amounts of energy to maintain the right temperature and air humidity inside the swimming pool hall.

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Centrala basenowa osuszająca

CDP CFHP Monoblock swimming pool ventilation unit – Heat Pump

The photos below show DP CFHP monoblock pool AHUs which, in addition to the counter-current exchanger, have a built-in compressor heat pump (freon heating system). This element allows for additional operating savings and makes it possible to use waste heat to reheat the air or water in the pool. The heat pump perfectly harmonizes with photovoltaic panels, thanks to which your swimming pool will be able to heat and dry itself almost free of charge.

Special Casing

The casing of DP CF swimming pool units has a special design thanks to which heat bridges have been eliminated and the insulation capacity has been increased almost to the maximum possible value (class T2). The improved structure has an increased thickness of the sheathing plates and additional plastic plate closures that do not conduct heat. Aluminum profiles with thermal break guarantee high stiffness and durability of the structure in the highest D1 and TB1 classes.

Corrosion resistance for all types of swimming pools (chlorine, salt water, sulfur) thanks to the inner surface made of plastic. All internal components, except for plastic, are electrochemically protected and powder coated. It is estimated that currently these are the best secured air handling units on the market for swimming pool conditions.

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Thermal Break

Dan-Poltherm monoblock swimming pool units are equipped with the latest type of Thermal Break casing with the highest insulation, mechanical and anti-corrosion parameters on the Polish market.

Certified housing (TUV Rheinland PN-EN 1886: 2008), characterized by the following parameters: D1 (M) / L1 (M) / T2 (M) / TB1 (M) / F9 (M).

The internal sheathing is made in the highest corrosion class C5 in accordance with EN ISO 12944, thanks to which we can provide a guarantee for the casing of up to 10 years, regardless of the working environment.

Any operating side

Compact pool air handling units DP CF and DP CFHP with a counter-flow exchanger and heat pump are available in the right or left version. The standard version of the AHU has 4 air ducts connected from the top and the possibility of directing the discharge duct sideways and the unit is placed in the corner of the room. Thanks to this solution, the air discharge is possible directly through the wall of the room without a duct, straight to the launcher.

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Built-in Automation

DP air handling units adjust the set air flow and air pressure thanks to highly efficient, smoothly regulated EC fans with direct drive. They are also equipped with air supply and exhaust filters with dirt indication. Offered DP units have a complete built-in automation, managed by a freely programmable controller with the possibility of cooperation with the BMS system and our remote visualization system DP ViewNet. At the moment of delivery, DP AHUs constitute a complete, factory tested, ready for all-year-round operation air conditioning system.

Main features of DP CF / DP CFHP devices

  • Ultra-compact Plug & Play device with built-in control system.
  • The device is ready to work after connecting the media and power supply.
  • High energy efficiency of devices and very low operating costs.
  • Equipment heat recovery efficiency up to 98% in winter (almost loss-free operation).
  • The highest quality of workmanship and resistance to pool corrosion guarantees a long service life.
  • Smooth regulation of fresh air from 0 to 100% depending on the season and conditions in the swimming pool hall
  • Freecooling in summer, ventilation and cheap outdoor air dehumidification whenever possible.
  • The counter-flow heat exchanger is the most effective heat recovery solution on the market.
  • An additional internal heat pump allows the air or swimming pool water to be reheated thanks to waste energy.
  • Very easy to install with no specialist knowledge required.
  • Various connection options for channels will allow you to set up the unit in any place.
  • Dry, sealed device casing without heat bridges and moisture condensation on its surface.
  • Very quiet operation thanks to special EC fans with smooth performance regulation.
  • Easy operation and the ability to control directly from the swimming pool hall or via the Internet (options).
  • An extensive range of five sizes, suitable for pools with a water surface area of ​​10 to 100 m2.
  • Sizes DP CF 1 and 2 are ideal for the ventilation of domestic swimming pools.
  • Sizes 3, 4 and 5 will be used in boarding houses, hotels and smaller water parks

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