DP Pool
AHU units for swimming pools

A series of pool air-conditioning units equipped with polypropylene heat recovery exchangers and heat pumps.

Dan-Poltherm DP CF PP

Dehumudifiers for swimming pools

Duct pool air dehumidifiers are intended for installation in the engine room or the technical part of the swimming pool. They require a duct installation connection.

Dan-Poltherm DPD 120

Heat recovery

Wastewater heat recovery units with a counter-current tubular heat exchanger and a Dan-Poltherm heat pump are used to recover energy mainly from waste water in swimming pool installations.

Dan-Poltherm DP WHP

Units with heat pump

DP AHU units with heat pump


Domestic ventilation

2VV units


High quality of products

Individual approach

Specialized technical staff

Almost 30 years of experience!

Our company has been providing high-quality air handling units for almost 30 years.

Dan-Poltherm specializes in air conditioning, pool ventilation, dehumidification, humidification and air heating systems. Our company’s offer is addressed both to designers, installation contractors, investors and individual customers. We can boast of the longest reference list of swimming pool and cinema facilities completed in Poland and several thousand other commercial and public utility facilities such as shopping centers, hotels, museums, theaters, factories and many more.

Dan-Poltherm DP CF PP

Air handling and air conditioning units

Standard, swimming pool and hygienic air handling units

Centrale basenowe Dan-Poltherm

Swimming pool ventilation and dehumidifiers

Compact and sectional swimming pool units and dehumidifiers

2VV Daphne

Recuperators and compact AHUs

Recuperators for houses and flats. AHU units for offices and commercial premises

Dan-Poltherm DP WHP

Specialized systems

Heat recovery from wastewater, heat pumps, clean room, automation

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